Plant of the Month and Ukrainian Relief Initiative

Our hearts are broken by the events occurring in Ukraine. In order to help with relief efforts, we at Bee Sweet Nature co are going to have a plant sale with purpose. For the month of April, we are donating all the profits from the sales of the Ohio Buckeye. Why just the Ohio Buckeye? We always believe you can plant with purpose.

The Ohio Buckeye is listed as one of the top 10 pollinator trees for southern Ontario. It is crucial for early emergent butterflies and over-wintered native bees seeking food after a long hibernation. It is a tremendous choice as a city tree since they are a smaller to medium sized tree that is relatively pest-free. They tolerate compact soils, salts, wind, and are Juglans (Black Walnut) resistant. Cities such as Toronto and Hamilton have finally realized their value as city trees.

Ohio buckeye (Aesculus glabra) in bloom

Planting an Ohio Buckeye will create a win-win scenario. Our struggling pollinators will benefit and the proceeds will benefit the people of Ukraine. Will you consider planting an Ohio Buckeye?