Pollinator Festival Returns to Puslinch

Event Activities (10am – 3pm):

  • Guided tours with Marion Robertston (Every half-hour starting at 10:30am)
    Learn about Pollinator Trees and Shrubs, Pollinator Lifecycle Gardening, and Pollinator Larval plants.
  • Afternoon Presentations (Starting at 12:30) with Halton Master Gardeners, Pollination Guelph and Joanne Tunnicliffe.
  • All-Day displays and information with Halton Master Gardeners, Pollination Guelph and Joanne Tunnicliffe.
  • Save the Tax Event | Don’t pay the tax on ALL plants, trees, honey, soaps and balms.
  • Win a Paw Paw Tree Contest | We are giving away two (2) 3ft limited availability Paw Paw Trees

Free Admission

This weekend, the Pollinator Festival hosted by the Bee Sweet Nature Company returns to the community of Puslinch. The event will be hosted at 4182 side road 20. The event will take place between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Saturday, June 18, 2022, and will include guided garden tours by Marion Robertston and talks by Pollination Guelph, Halton Master Gardners, and wild-plant specialist Joanne Tunnicliffe.

The weather forecast to be beautiful and we can’t wait to show you how native plants and pollinators can benefit your garden. Tours begin at 10:30 a.m. and continue every half hour. The event is free to attend.

About Pollination Guelph:
Pollination Guelph is a group of volunteers devoted to pollinator habitat protection and enhancement for present and future generations. They raise awareness and knowledge of pollinators’ significance in achieving local and global environmental sustainability goals, as well as showcasing pollinator initiatives that serve as a model for individuals and communities across Canada and worldwide. https://www.pollinationguelph.ca/

About Halton Master Gardners:
The Halton Region Master Gardeners are a group of volunteers and expert gardeners who have spent years studying horticulture and continue improving their abilities via technical training. Master Gardeners give sustainable horticulture guidance to the general public due to their training and continued education. We come from various horticultural backgrounds and enjoy sharing our love of gardening with the people of Ancaster, Burlington, Dundas, Flamborough, Georgetown, Hamilton, Milton, Oakville, and Waterdown. https://haltonmastergardeners.com/

About Joanne Tunnicliffe:
Joanne Tunnicliffe has been working with wild plants and restoration for almost 40 years. Joanne is a ten-year volunteer as the Head Gardener at the First Unitarian Church of Hamilton.

About Bee Sweet Nature Company:
Bee Sweet Nature Company, located in Puslinch, Ontario, Canada, is a family-run native tree nursery and honey producer. Bee Sweet Nature Company strives to promote the biodiversity of the southern Ontario landscape by offering local, native plants and trees. Marion and Rick Robertson established the company in 2007 after discovering that other nurseries were unable to supply Carolinian or native tree stock. All seeds are harvested by hand and only grow what they pick. https://beesweetnature.ca/