An Introduction to Bee Sweet Nature Co

Seeds and nuts from the broader golden horseshoe area of southern Ontario are used to grow all potted stock. We specialize in native and Carolinian flora from Ontario. Some of these trees, shrubs, and wildflowers are critical for pollinator populations that are struggling or endangered. They are all appealing to wildlife and will help increase the biodiversity of any location. All stock is grown with care, keeping in mind that our environment is changing and climate change will present new challenges. To improve the stock’s ability to survive, we aim to blend growing techniques and science.

Organic and Non-GMO

All of the seeds we collect and produce are organic and non-GMO. All of the potted stock is organic and devoid of pesticides. It would irritate the bees.

Air Pruning

This growing approach produces plants with enhanced root development by correctly orienting roots and avoiding circular roots and deadly root imprinting.

Stock Purity

Hybrids and nativars are not available. We attempt to develop plants that are authentically native to Ontario. The only exception would be our sustainable Food program, which may offer non-native and hybrid plants.

Ancient Trees

Ancient trees are thought to make up only 1% of all trees. Because of what they give in their distinct gene pool, they are vitally essential to forest life. Their genetics, such as their resilience to air pollution and climate change, contribute to their lifespan. All of our trees have articles on them. Learn more about Ancient Trees in our Knowledge Base.

Tree Staking

We don’t utilize any tree support and instead rely on wind to promote improved wood strength and root development. Follow this link to learn more about the science of wind and trees.

Assisted Tree Migration

In 2019, we introduced our Assisted Tree Migration initiative, which we now offer to all clients. Simply click the link to watch our video on Assisted Tree Migration. Tree Migration with Assist
To allow our Assisted Tree Migration services, we developed two strategies.

Root Inoculation

All of our plant material is treated with active fungus, and mycorrhizal root interactions are encouraged. By boosting the availability of nutrients and water, these root interactions help plants survive. Follow the link Fungal Relationships with Trees to learn more about mycorrhiza root relationships.

Climate change is at the heart of our "To The Cottage" initiative. Climate change will not spare this valuable 'lakes' region. Not only is vegetation going northward, but it is also expanding its range laterally — from east to west. To assist with our assisted tree migration effort for the cottage country area, we decided to incorporate stock obtained from more northerly seed sources. Simply check for the city closest to you in the origins area of our Ontario native plant inventory to find this stock.

This Meet and Greet option complements our To The Cottage initiative. Because most of our shrubs, trees, and wildflowers are grown as potted plants rather than plugs, shipping orders can be rather costly. We decided that because we travel up to Barry's Bay regularly, we would be able to assist our more northern clientele. As a result, we developed the Meet and Greet option. While delivering plant orders, we've met clients at an agreed-upon meeting location and time. Customers save money on shipping, and we have the opportunity to meet our remote customers. If this option appeals to you, send us an email, and we'll discuss the possibilities together.

Ontario now has 35 static seed zones. We've listed our seed sources by geographic location rather than seed zone to make assisted tree migration easier. Before climate change arose, these seed zones supported the 'local is best' strategy. These seed zones are no longer relevant in this era of climate change. To promote blending provenances and genetic diversity, we've described seed origins as a geographical locality, such as a city, since 2007. We work hard to ensure that our forests and landscapes remain resilient every day.

Our Ontario Native Stock Inventory

Please note that this inventory includes items currently in winter storage that will become available for purchase in May 2022.

Updated:jJune16, 2022
Subject to change without notice.

Plant Type
Common Name
Latin Name
Stock Availability
Geographical Origins within Ontario Canada
More Information
Search Key
ShrubBristly BlackberryRubus Setosus1ft$10.0050HamiltonBlackberry
ShrubButtonbushCephalanthus Occidentalis<1ft$10.0060HamiltonButtonbush
ShrubButtonbushCephalanthus Occidentalis1ft to 2ft$15.004HamiltonButtonbush
ShrubChokecherryPrunus Virginiana 1ft to 2ft$15.0090Barry's BayChokecherry
ShrubRough Leaf DogwoodCornus Drummondii1ft to 2ft$10.00140MiltonDogwood
ShrubRed Osier DogwoodCornus stolonifera<1ft$10.0080Guelph | HamiltonDogwood
ShrubSilky DogwoodCornus Obliqua2ft to 4ft$15.0026GuelphDogwood
ShrubGrey DogwoodComus Racemose3ft to5ft$15.0027GuelphDogwood
ShrubBlack ElderberrySambucus Canadensis1ft$10.0075SimcoeElderberry
ShrubMeadowsweetSpirea alba< 1 ft$10.0021SimcoeMeadowsweet
ShrubAromatic SumacRhus Aromatica1ft to 2ft$10.0035WellandSumac
ShrubWinterberryIlex Verticillata1ft to 2ft$10.0030HamiltonWinterberry
TreeBlack OakQuercus Velutina<1ft$10.0056NiagaraAncient StockBlack Oak
TreeBur OakQuercus macrocarpa<1ft$10.0044HamiltonAncient StockBlack Oak
TreeBlack OakQuercus Velutina<1ft$10.0041Toronto Ancient StockBlack Oak
TreeBlack OakQuercus Velutina<1ft$10.0037HamiltonAncient StockBlack Oak
TreeBlack OakQuercus Velutina<1ft$10.0010Toronto (Bany Point)Ancient StockBlack Oak
TreeOhio BuckeyeAesculus Glabra3ft to 4ft$17.5040HamiltonBuckeye
TreeOhio BuckeyeAesculus Glabra5ft to 6ft$25.0015HamiltonBuckeye
TreeNorthern CatalpaCatalpa Speciosa3ft to 4ft$20.0090GuelphCatalpa
TreeNorthern CatalpaCatalpa Speciosa<1ft$10.0060St. CatherinesCatalpa
TreeNorthern CatalpaCatalpa Speciosa1ft to 2ft$15.0021GuelphCatalpa
TreeKentucky CoffeetreeGymnocladus Dioecious1ft$10.0070Hamilton | NiagaraCoffeetree
TreeKentucky CoffeetreeGymnocladus Dioecious1ft to 2ft$10.0022HamiltonCoffeetree
TreeEastern CottonwoodPopulus Deltoides1ft-3ft$15.0025HamiltonCottonwood
TreeSlippery ElmUlmus Rubra 1 - 2 ft$15.00100Guelph | NiagaraAncient StockElm
Tree American White ElmUlmus americana,<1ft$10.0040GuelphElm
TreeDwarf HackberryCeltis tenuifolia1 ft$10.008Simcoe
TreeHackberryCeltis occidentalis1ft$10.0029GuelphHackberry
TreeHackberryCeltis occidentalis1ft to 3ft$15.0026GuelphHackberry
TreeThorny Honey LocustGleditsia Tricanthus 1ft to 3ft$15.0035SimcoeHoney
TreeHopPtela Trifolata1ft$10.009GuelphHop
TreeSilver MapleAcer Saccharinum3ft to 5ft$20.0020HamiltonMaple
TreeSilver MapleAcer Saccharinum1ft to 3ft$15.0015GuelphAncient StockMaple
TreePin OakQuercus palustris<1ft$10.00235NiagaraOak
TreePaper BirchBelula Papyrifera1ft to 2ft$15.0010GuelphBirch
TreeYellow BirchBetula Alleghaniensis1ft to 2ft$15.0010GuelphBirch
TreeRed OakQuercus Rubra<1ft$10.0058GuelphOak
TreeWhite OakQuercus Alba<1ft$10.0047Niagara (War of 1812 Treaty Tree)Ancient StockOak
TreeWhite OakQuercus Alba<1ft$10.0034NiagraAncient StockOak
TreeWhite OakQuercus Alba<1ft$10.0020Toronto (Carrying Place)Ancient StockOak
TreeRed OakQuercus Rubra<1ft$10.0013NiagaraOak
TreeRed OakQuercus Rubra<1ft$10.0013Fort ErieAncient StockOak
TreeWhite OakQuercus Alba<1ft$10.009St. CatherinesAncient StockOak
TreeRed OakQuercus Rubra<1ft$10.007NiagaraAncient StockOak
TreeRedbudCercis Canadensis1 ft$10.0060Guelph | LondonRedbud
TreeSycamorePlatanus Occidentalis1ft to 3ft$15.00120Hamilton | SimcoeSycamore
TreeSycamorePlatanus Occidentalis3ft to 5ft$20.0015Hamilton | SimcoeAncient StockSycamore
TreeTulipLiriodendron tulipifera1ft to 3ft$15.0060Niagara | GuelphTulip
VinesVirgins BowerClematis Virginiana1 gallon$10.0015SimcoeBower
Wild FlowersLarge Leaf AsterEurybia macrophylla4 inch pot $4.00$4.0030
Wild FlowersWild BasilClinopodium Vulgare4 inch pot$4.0075Basil
Wild FlowersCommon BonesetEupatorium perfoliatum4 inch pot$4.0090Boneset
Wild FlowersButterfly WeedAsclepias tuberosa4 inch pot$4.0065
Wild FlowersGrey headed ConeflowerRatibida pinnata4 inch pot$4.0030
Wild FlowersCup PlantSilphium Perfoliatum4 inch pot$4.0011
Wild FlowersLate FigwortScrophularia marilandica4 inch pot$4.0026
Wild FlowersAnise HyssopAgastache foeniculum4 inch pot$4.0037
Wild FlowersNew York IronweedVeronia noveboracenis4 inch pot$4.0030
Wild FlowersWild QuinineParthenium Integrifolium4 inch pot$4.0055Quinine
Wild FlowersWild SennaSenna Hebecarpa4 inch pot$4.0024Senna
Wild FlowersTick TrefoilDesmodium canadense4 inch pot$4.0017Trefoil
Wild FlowersCanada Milk VetchAustragalus Canadensis4 inch pot$4.0021
Wild FlowersBlue False Indigo FlowerBaptista australis4 inch pot$4.0015
Wild FlowersCommon SneezeweedHelenium autumnale4 inch pot$4.0023
Wild FlowersFalse sunflowerHeliopsis helianthoides4 inch pot$4.0015
Wild FlowersMaximillum SunflowerHelianthus maximiliani4 inch pot$4.0014
Wild FlowersTall SunflowerHelianthus giganteus4 inch pot$4.009
Wild FlowersField ThiselCirsium Discolor4 inch pot$4.0035
Wild FlowersWild YamDioscorea villosa4 inch pot$4.004
Wild FlowersWhite YarrowAchillea millefolium4 inch pot$4.0030
Fruit shrubsThornless Boysenberry1 gallon$12.0017
Fruit shrubsHaskap1 gallon$10.00SOLD OUT
Fruit shrubsMarionberry1 gallon$12.0023
Fruit shrubsEverlasting Raspberry1 gallon$8.001

...A tree that looks at God all day,
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;
A tree that may in summer wear,
A nest of robins in her hair;
Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain.
Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree. 

Joyce Kilmer