The Dirt on Soap

Due to the nature of soap, it can be highly destructive to many types of bacteria and virus. It is highly destructive on the Corona virus.

Are hand sanitizers as reliable as soap? First of all, hand sanitizers must be at least 60% ethanol to destabilize COVID-19. On the whole, sanitizers cannot easily remove microbes adhering to the skin. You have to soak the virus for a brief moment and rub off. Soap is very effective in 2 ways. First, soap dissolves the fat membrane of the virus and the virus, literally, falls apart. Secondly, virus adhere strongly to our skin. The fat in soap competes with the fats in the virus membrane and loosens the ‘glue’ between the virus and the skin.

Is one soap better than another?
What about antibacterial soaps? Is there an advantage with these soaps against Corona? Turns out – No. From the data out there, one brand of soap is not superior to another. Soap do range in quality, based on the ingredients. However, it is important to choose a soap that has good lathering ability to disrupt the ‘ glue ‘ between skin and virus and to disrupt the viral membrane. Where a good quality soap shines is in skin hand maintenance. With repeated washings skin maybe more prone to drying and cracking. Essential oils help soothe the skin and can have a calming effect for frayed nerves during these trying times of isolation.

Bottom line

The discriminating factors are : you need to be rubbing your hands to disrupt the glue between the skin and virus while hand washing.

: you have to be hand washing for at least 20 seconds to allow the lather of the soap to pop the viral membrane.

Happy hand washing.