Toronto Carrying Trail – The Ancient Black Oaks for Lucy Maud Montgomery

As part of our continuing trekking of the Carrying Trail we followed the ancient black oaks to the Lucy Maud Montgomery home. An absolute gem. Declared a heritage property by the City of Toronto in 1979, it sits upon the hills overlooking the Humber River and valley. The ancient black oaks populate this area lining the streets, Lucy Maud Montgomery park and the yard of her home.

Jouney’s End

Our beloved author of Anne of Green Gables published in 1908. In 1935, after a long and successful writing career, she had her house built in Swansea overlooking the Humber Valley and named it Jouney’s End. She wrote her last books here, the sequels to the Anne of Green Gables, and passed away at Jouney’s End in 1942.

What a thrill that we were able to collect acorns from these old black oaks 2 years ago. After a long winter of storage we have 2nd year saplings budding out. The genetics of these ancients will live on. So satisfying!

Lucy Maud Montgomey park
Lucy Maud Montgomey park