Ontario Native Plant Inventory

All potted stock is grown using seeds and nuts collected in the greater golden horseshoe area of southern Ontario. We specialize in Ontario native and Carolinian trees, shrubs, and wildflowers. Some of these trees are crucial for struggling and endangered pollinator populations. They all have wildlife appeal and will enhance the biodiversity of any site.

All stock is carefully grown keeping-in- mind that our world is changing and climate change will make for challenging conditions. We try to incorporate growing practices and science to enhance the survivability of stock. To note: some practices, we use no tree support but allow wind action to stimulate superior wood strength and root development. We inoculate all stock with fungi. Mycorrhiza enhances plant survival by increasing the availability of nutrients and water. We also air prune our stock, a new technology that creates superior root development.

A word on our seed sourcing. Presently, Ontario has 35 static seed zones. Before climate change issues, these seed zones supported the approach of ‘ local is best. ‘ In this era of changing climate, these seed zones have become obsolete. To facilitate assisted tree migration, we have reported our seed sources by geographical location, NOT seed zone. Since 2007, we have reported seed origins as a geographical site, for example, a city, to aid blended provenances and genetic diversity. We strive every day to keep our forests and landscapes resilient.

Don’t forget all our stock is Organic and Non GMO. We do not offer hybrids or nativars.

We have opened up our plant inventory to include food plants. These food plants may be non native and may be hybrids. These sustainable foods will appear at the very beginning of our plant inventory.

Updated: April 27, 2021

Plant Type
Common Name
Latin Name
Stock Availability
Geographical Origins within Ontario Canada
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GrassesPurple Prairie CloverDalea Purpurean/aClover
GrassesBig Bluestem GrassAndropogon GerardiSOLD OUTGrass
GrassesIndian GrassSorghastrum NutansSOLD OUTGrass
GrassesLittle Bluestem GrassSchizachyrium ScopariumSOLD OUTGrass
ShrubSouthern ArrowoodViburnum Dentanumn/aArrowood
ShrubPrickly AshZanthoxylum Americanum22Guelph | HamiltonAsh
ShrubBayberryMyrica Pensylvanican/aBayberry
ShrubBristly BlackberryRubus Setosus<1ft20HamiltonBlackberry
ShrubSmooth BlackberryRubus Canadensisn/aBlackberry
ShrubButtonbushCephalanthus OccidentalisSOLD OUTHamiltonButtonbush
ShrubBlack ChokeberryAronia MelanocarpaSimcoeChokeberry
ShrubChokecherryPrunus Virginiana 1ft to 2ft160Barry's BayChokecherry
ShrubHighbush CranberryViburnum TrilobumBelwood | GuelphCranberry
ShrubAlternate Leaf DogwoodCornus AlternifoliaBelwood | Hamilton | SimcoeDogwood
ShrubGray DogwoodCornus RacemosaN/AHamiltonDogwood
ShrubRed Osier DogwoodCornus Stolonifera1ft15TorontoDogwood
ShrubRough Leaf DogwoodCornus Drummondii1ft to 2ft115MiltonDogwood
ShrubSilky DogwoodCornus Obliqua3ft to 4ftN/ACambridgeDogwood
ShrubBlack ElderberrySambucus Canadensis32SimcoeElderberry
ShrubPurple Flowering RaspberryRubus Odoratus15Hamilton | TorontoFlowering
ShrubSmooth ServiceberryAmelanchier Laevis15HamiltonServiceberry
ShrubAromatic SumacRhus Aromatica1ft to 2ft30WellandSumac
ShrubPussy WillowSalix Discolor4ft10SimcoeWillow
ShrubWinterberryIlex Verticillata1ft to 2ft120HamiltonWinterberry
Sustainable FoodBlack CurrantRibes NigrumSOLD OUTGuelphCurrant
TreeBasswoodTilia Americana10Belwood | Guelph | Niagara | SimcoeBasswood
TreeCherry BirchBetula LentaSOLD OUTGuelphBirch
TreeDwarf BirchBetula Nanan/aGuelphBirch
TreeGray BirchBetula Populifolian/aGuelphBirch
TreeLow BirchBetula Pumilan/aGuelphBirch
TreePaper BirchBetula Papyrifera1ft30Guelph | Belwood | WainfleetBirch
TreeRiver BirchBetula Nigran/aHamiltonBirch
TreeWater BirchBetula Occidentalisn/aGuelphBirch
TreeYellow BirchBetula Alleghaneinsisn/aHamiltonBirch
TreeOhio BuckeyeAesculus Glabra3ft to 4ft70HamiltonBuckeye
TreeOhio BuckeyeAesculus Glabra7ft to 8ft150HamiltonBuckeye
TreeNorthern CatalpaCatalpa Speciosa1ft to 2ft21GuelphCatalpa
TreeNorthern CatalpaCatalpa Speciosa3ft to 4ft102GuelphCatalpa
TreePin CherryPrunus Pensylvanican/aCherry
TreeKentucky CoffeetreeGymnocladus Dioecious<1ft10Hamilton | NiagaraCoffeetree
TreeKentucky CoffeetreeGymnocladus Dioecious1ft to 3ft25HamiltonCoffeetree
TreeEastern CottonwoodPopulus Deltoides1 - 2 ft20HamiltonCottonwood
TreeDisease Resistant White ElmUlmus Americana2GuelphElm
TreeSlippery ElmUlmus Rubra 1 - 2 ft65Guelph | NiagaraAncient StockElm
TreeDwarf HackberryCeltis Tenuifolian/aSimcoeHackberry
TreeNorthern HackberryCeltis OccidentalisSOLD OUTKitchenerHackberry
TreeBitternut HickoryCarya Cordiformisn/aHamiltonHickory
TreeShagbark HickoryCarya Ovatan/aChathamHickory
TreeThorny Honey LocustGleditsia Tricanthus 1ft to 3ft35SimcoeHoney
TreeHopPtela Trifolata8GuelphHop
TreeIronwoodOstrya Virginianan/aIronwood
TreeCommon JuniperJuniperis Communisn/aGuelphJuniper
TreeSilver MapleAcer Saccharinum1ft to 2ft40GuelphAncient StockMaple
TreeSilver MapleAcer Saccharinum3ft to 4ft28HamiltonMaple
TreeAmerican Mountain AshSorbus Americanan/aGuelphMountain
TreeMulberryMorus SppSold OutGuelphMulberry
TreeMusclewoodCarpinus Carolinianan/aHamilton | Milton | SimcoeMusclewood
TreeBlack OakQuercus Velutinan/aDundas (Driving Park)Ancient StockOak
TreeBlack OakQuercus Velutinan/aToronto (Lucy Maud Montgomery Park)Ancient StockOak
TreeBlack OakQuercus Velutinan/aToronto (Carrying Place)Ancient StockOak
TreeBlack OakQuercus Velutinan/aToronto - TUHBANANAQUEAYAncient StockOak
TreeBlack OakQuercus Velutinan/aNiagaraOak
TreeBlack OakQuercus Velutinan/aBurlington | Niagara | TorontoAncient StockOak
TreeBlack OakQuercus Velutinan/aHamilton | Niagara | SimcoeOak
TreeBur OakQuercus Macrocarpan/aChatham Oak
TreeChinquapin OakQuercus Meuhlenbergiin/aHamilton | NiagaraOak
TreeNorthern Pin OakQuercus Ellipsoidalisn/aNiagaraOak
TreePin OakQuercus Palustris<1ftSOLD OUTHamilton | Niagara | SimcoeOak
TreePin OakQuercus Palustrisn/aWelland (Mennonite Church)Ancient StockOak
TreeRed OakQuercus Rubra<1ft30Fort ErieAncient StockOak
TreeRed OakQuercus Rubra<1ft10Guelph | Hamilton | Milton | Niagara | WellandOak
TreeRed OakQuercus Rubra<1ft30NiagaraAncient StockOak
TreeRed OakQuercus Rubra1ft to 2ft10Guelph | Hamilton | Milton | Niagara | WellandOak
TreeRed OakQuercus Rubran/aGuelph | Hamilton | Niagara | ChathamOak
TreeRed OakQuercus Rubran/aWelland - LAURA SECORDAncient StockOak
TreeWhite OakQuercus Alba<1ft25Burlington | Cambridge | HamiltonAncient StockOak
TreeWhite OakQuercus Alba<1ft25Niagara (War of 1812 Treaty Tree)Ancient StockOak
TreeWhite OakQuercus Alba<1ft30St. CatherinesAncient StockOak
TreeWhite OakQuercus Alba<1ft70Toronto (Carrying Place)Ancient StockOak
TreePawpawAsimina TrilobaSOLD OUTPawpaw
TreeAmerican PersimmonDiospyros Virginianan/aChathamPersimmon
TreeAmerican PlumPrunus Americana<1ftN/AGuelph | SimcoePlum
TreeAmerican PlumPrunus Americanan/aNiagaraPlum
TreeRedbudCercis Canadensis<1ftn/aHamilton | SimcoeRedbud
TreeRedbudCercis Canadensisn/aGuelph | LondonRedbud
TreeSassafrasSassafras Albidumn/aSassafras
TreeSycamorePlatanus Occidentalis<1ft185Hamilton | SimcoeSycamore
TreeSycamorePlatanus Occidentalis1ft to 3ft25Hamilton | SimcoeAncient StockSycamore
TreeSycamorePlatanus Occidentalisn/aChatham | WellandSycamore
TreeTulipLiriodendron tulipifera1ft to 3ft120Niagara | GuelphTulip
TreeBlack TupeolNyssa Sylvatican/aNiagaraAncient StockTupeol
TreeBlack WalnlutJuglans Nigran/aGuelph | TorontoWalnlut
TreeSwamp White OakQuercus Bicolorn/aWhite
VinesAmerican BittersweetCelastrus Scandensn/aGuelph | LeamingtonBittersweet
VinesVirgins BowerClematis Virginiana20SimcoeBower
VinesPipevineAristolochia Macrophylan/aSimcoePipevine
Wild FlowersGolden AlexandersZizia AureaSOLD OUTAlexanders
Wild FlowersJerusalum ArtichokeHelianthus Tuberosusn/aArtichoke
Wild FlowersArrow Leaved AsterSymphotrichum Urophyllumn/aAster
Wild FlowersHeart Leaf AsterSymphotrichum Cordifoliumn/aAster
Wild FlowersHeath AsterSymphotrichum EricoidesSOLD OUTAster
Wild FlowersLarge Leaf AsterEurybia Macrophyllan/aAster
Wild FlowersNew England AsterSymphotrichum Novo-Angliaen/aAster
Wild FlowersSkyblue AsterSymphotrichum OolentangienseSOLD OUTAster
Wild FlowersUpland White AsterSolidago Ptarmicoidesn/aAster
Wild FlowersRed BaneberryActaea Rubran/aBaneberry
Wild FlowersWhite BaneberryActaea Pachypodan/aBaneberry
Wild FlowersWild BasilClinopodium Vulgare25Basil
Wild FlowersHairy BeardtonguePenstemon Hirsutusn/aBeardtongue
Wild FlowersTall White BeardtonguePenstemon DigitalisSOLD OUTBeardtongue
Wild FlowersWild BergamotMonarda Fistulosan/aBergamot
Wild FlowersDense Blazing StarLiatris SpicataSOLD OUTBlazing Star
Wild FlowersPrairie Blazing StarLiatris Lycnosteachysn/aBlazing Star
Wild FlowersBonesetEupatorium Perfoliatumn/aBoneset
Wild FlowersShrubby CinquefoilPotentilla Fruticosan/aCinquefoil
Wild FlowersGreat Blue CohoshCaulophyllum ThalictroidesSOLD OUTCohosh
Wild FlowersEastern ColumbineAquilegia CanadensisSOLD OUTColumbine
Wild FlowersGray Headed ConeflowerRatibida Pinnatan/aConeflower
Wild FlowersPurple ConeflowerEchinacea Purpurean/aConeflower
Wild FlowersTall CoreopsisCoreopsis Triptersisn/aCoreopsis
Wild FlowersCup PlantSilphium Perfoliatum40Cup Plant
Wild FlowersSmooth Oxeye DaisyHeliopsis Helianthoidesn/aDaisy
Wild FlowersPearly EverlastingAnaphalis Margaritacean/aEverlasting
Wild FlowersFalse Indigo FlowerBaptista Australsisn/aFalse Indigo
Wild FlowersEarly FigwortScrophularia Lanceolatan/aFigwort
Wild FlowersLate FigwortScrophularia Marilandicon/aFigwort
Wild FlowersBottle GentianGentiana Andrewsiin/aGentian
Wild FlowersHorse GentianTriosteum Sppn/aGentian
Wild FlowersFine Leaved GoldenrodSolidago Graminifolian/aGoldenrod
Wild FlowersGrey GoldenrodSolidago Nemoralisn/aGoldenrod
Wild FlowersRiddell'S GoldenrodSolidago Riddellin/aGoldenrod
Wild FlowersRigid GoldenrodOligoneuron Rigidan/aGoldenrod
Wild FlowersShowy GoldenrodSolidago Speciosa18Goldenrod
Wild FlowersWhite GoldenrodSolidago Bicolorn/aGoldenrod
Wild FlowersZigzag GoldenrodSolidago Flexicaulisn/aGoldenrod
Wild FlowersAnise HyssopAgastache Foeniculum40Hyssop
Wild FlowersPurple Giant HyssopAgastache Scrophulaeriafolian/aHyssop
Wild FlowersYellow Giant HyssopAgastache Nepetoidesn/aHyssop
Wild FlowersNew York IronweedVeronia Novoboracensisn/aIronweed
Wild FlowersJack-In-The-PulpitArisaema Triphyllumn/aJack-In-The-Pulpit
Wild FlowersLead PlantAmorpha Canescensn/aLead Plant
Wild FlowersGreat Blue LobeliaLobelia SiphiliticaSOLD OUTLobelia
Wild FlowersSwamp Rose MallowHibiscus MoscheutosSOLD OUTMallow
Wild FlowersDwarf MilkweedAsclepias Ovalifolian/aMilkweed
Wild FlowersGreen MilkweedAsclepias Viridisn/aMilkweed
Wild FlowersPurple MilkweedAsclepias Purpurascensn/aMilkweed
Wild FlowersShowy MilkweedAsclepias Speciosa18Milkweed
Wild FlowersSullivants MilkweedAsclepias Sullivanti20Milkweed
Wild FlowersSwamp MilkweedAsclepias Incarnatan/aMilkweed
Wild FlowersWhorled MilkweedAsclepias Verticullatan/aMilkweed
Wild FlowersSlender Mountain MintPycnanthemum Tenuifolium1Mint
Wild FlowersVirginia Mountain MintPycnanthemum Virginianan/aMint
Wild FlowersNew Jersey TeaCeanothus Americanusn/aNew Jersey Tea
Wild FlowersObedient PlantPhysotegia Virginianan/aObedient Plant
Wild FlowersPokerootPhytolacca Americanan/aPokeroot
Wild FlowersWood PoppyStylophorum Diphyllumn/aPoppy
Wild FlowersCommon Evening PrimroseOenothera Biennisn/aPrimrose
Wild FlowersWild QuinineParthenium Integrifoliumn/aQuinine
Wild FlowersCulver'S RootVeronicastrum Virginicumn/aRoot
Wild FlowersCommon RueRuta Graveolensn/aRue
Wild FlowersTall Meadow RueThalictrum Pubescens1Rue
Wild FlowersWild SennaSenna Hebecarpan/aSenna
Wild FlowersWhite SnakerootAgeratina Altissiman/aSnakeroot
Wild FlowersCommon SneezeweedHelenium Autumnalen/aSneezeweed
Wild FlowersFalse Solomon SealMaianthemum Racemosumn/aSolomon Seal
Wild FlowersSolomon SealPolygonatum Biflorumn/aSolomon Seal
Wild FlowersStar Flowered Solomon SealMaianthemum Stellatumn/aSolomon Seal
Wild FlowersCommon SpeedwellVeronica Officinalisn/aSpeedwell
Wild FlowersSpiderwortTradescantia Virginianan/aSpiderwort
Wild FlowersAmerican SpikenardAralia Racemosan/aSpikenard
Wild FlowersMaximilian SunflowerHelianthus MaximilianSOLD OUTSunflower
Wild FlowersTall Sunflower Helianthus Gigantus30Sunflower
Wild FlowersField ThistleCirsium Discolorn/aThistle
Wild FlowersTick Trefoiln/aTrefoil
Wild FlowersWhite TurtleheadChelome GlabraSOLD OUTTurtlehead
Wild FlowersBlue VervainVerbena Hastatan/aVervain
Wild FlowersHoary VervainVerbena Stricta20Vervain
Wild FlowersWhite VervainVerbena Urticifolian/aVervain
Wild FlowersCanada Milk VetchAustragalus Canadensisn/aVetch
Wild FlowersButterfly WeedAsclepias Tuberosa4Weed
Wild FlowersJoe Pye WeedEupatorium Maculatumn/aWeed
Wild FlowersSt Johns WortHypericum Perforatumn/aWort

Our stock is priced by height.

Ontario Native Plants

<1ft = $10.00
1ft to 3ft = $15.00
3ft to 5ft = $20.00
5ft to 7ft = $30.00
7ft > = $40.00

Native Wildflowers

3in Pot = $3.00
3.5in Pot = $4.00
4in Pot = $5.00
1 Gallon Pot = $8.00

Special Pricing for Sustainable Food Shrubs. Please contact us for up to date pricing.

…A tree that looks at God all day,
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;
A tree that may in summer wear,
A nest of robins in her hair;
Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain.
Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree. 

Joyce Kilmer

Assisted Migration and Barry’s Bay Delivery

Our ‘ To The Cottage ‘ program has everything to do with climate change. Climate change will not skip over this precious ‘ lakes ‘ area. Not only is vegetation moving northward but also laterally range expanding – expanding the east to west boundaries. We decided to include stock derived from more northerly seed sources to help with our assisted tree migration program for the cottage country area. To find this stock simply look for the CAPITALIZED city nearest you in the origins section of our Ontario native plant inventory.

This Meet and Greet option is an expansion of our To The Cottage program. Since most of our shrubs, trees, and wildflowers are not grown as plugs but as potted plants, it can be quite pricey to ship orders. We decided that since we travel frequently up to the Barry’s Bay area we would offer assistance to our more northerly clients. And so the Meet and Greet option was born. We have had the pleasure of meeting customers, in an agreed upon meeting place and time while delivering their plant orders. The customers save the cost of shipping and we have the chance to put the face to the name.

If this option sounds applicable to you, simply email us and we will explore the possibilities, together.