Root Rescue Transplanter MS-CS


  • An organic plant supplement containing 18 species of Mycorrhizae and bio-stimulants. Registered for use in Canada – CFIA Reg #: 2015122A. The 45g pack will treat 40 x 1 Gallon plants, or 20 x 24” WB (60cm) Trees.
  • A Wettable Powder easily mixed with water and applied to the root zone when planting (or after planting).
  • Use whenever you are planting Trees, Shrubs, Evergreens, Annuals, Vegetables, or Perennials.
  • Reduces Transplant Shock and improves Water and Nutrient Uptake permanently.
  • Registered for use as an Organic Input by OMRI Canada, Root Rescue Transplanter MS-CS is a sustainable plant growth aid which reduces (or often eliminates) the need for chemicals or synthetic fertilizers.

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