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Wild Lupin (Lupinus perennis)

Wild Lupin

This is a bumblebee favorite.  A crucial plant for bumblebee queens as the bloom time for the lupin coincides with the emergence of the queens.  These plants provide much needed nectar and pollen to hungry bumblebees as they start nest building.  The Lupin is also the larval plant for caterpillars of some of the skippers and some moths.

This beautiful, blue flowering plant is the only native lupine to Ontario.  Due to habitat loss and fire suppression, this plant has experienced population declines of 90% since 1900.  Surprisingly, they are somewhat tolerant to urban pollution.

Growing in full to partial sun, they will attain heights of 1 – 2 feet and spread 1 – 2 feet.  They prefer sandy to slightly dry soil.  Plant immediately to their forever home – THEY HATE TO BE TRANSPLANTED.

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