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Toronto Carrying Trail – The Swansea White Oak

The last time I wrote about the Toronto Carrying Trail was back in 2019. Only selected white oak bore any acorns, that year, but we were privileged to find the “White Oak of Swansea”.

Swansea White Oak

As you follow the banks of the Humber river, this tree dominates the landscape. It definitely is showing its age by displaying the typical ‘ balding ‘ on top and the ‘ octopus ‘ shape. The arms of this tree reach across the street and adjacent house.

The historic village of Swansea is more than 300 years old. By 1967, the village amalgamated with the City of Toronto. I estimate the age of this mighty white oak places it at the initial establishment of the village of Swansea. By 1793, this area of the Humber river was declared a mill reserve so that forests could remain intact for the use of the King’s sawmills. This protective act is probably why this tree still graces us.

We are now proud to say we have seedlings growing nicely at our nursery from the Swansea white oak. It is our intent to place these offspring back into the environment to continue this ‘longevity’ genetic source.

Seedling from the Swansea White Oak

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