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Toronto Carrying Trail – The Ancient Black Oak for Princess Tuhbananequay

In 1997, the city of Toronto proclaimed 150 trees, all over 125 years old, as an ancient grove in honor of Tuhbenaneequay, daughter of the chief of the Mississauga. Wabbicommicot was chief during the 1760’s. In this era, many First Nations had been disillusioned with Britain. English forts fell with tribal uprisings. Wabbicommicot chose the path of peace for his people and did not ally with raiding nations against the British.

Though little is left of the original Toronto Carrying Place footpath there is one area where the road is the old portage route and the ancient trees line the way. Houses are elegant and old and the trees tower above. This area was used extensively until the Toronto Land Purchase when the portage/trading route was relocated.

We have been visiting this area for many years with no luck gathering acorns. This year we were lucky. The ancient black oaks were shedding moderate amounts of acorns. Enough for us and the squirrels. Everyone happy.

Ancient Black Oak from the Tuhbananeequay grove

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