We Are Open

It has been a tough, cold spring but our doors are open. Drop by and see our selection of trees, shrubs and wildflowers. New hours of operation are posted but phone just to make sure we are at the farm and not off site tending to the bees. Hope to see you soon.

Meet and Greet Option

This ‘ meet and greet ‘ option is an expansion of our ‘ to the cottage ‘ program. Since most of our shrubs, trees and wildflowers are not grown as plugs but as potted plants, it can be quite pricey to ship orders. We decided that since we travel frequently up to the Barry’s Bay area we would offer assistance to our northerly customers. And so the ‘ meet and greet ‘ option was born. We have had the pleasure of meeting customers, in an agreed upon meeting place and time, while delivering their plant orders. The customers save the cost of shipping and we have the chance to put the face to the name.

If this option sounds applicable to you, simply email us and we will explore the possibilities, together.


To The Cottage

For the past 3 years, we have offered our ‘ To The Cottage ‘ program to our customers. You may ask what this is all about. It has everything to do with climate change and our assisted tree migration program. Climate change will not skip over this precious cottage country area. Not only is vegetation moving northward but laterally range expanding – expanding the east to west boundaries. Now we have stock from more northerly seed sources to offer to the ‘ lakes area ‘ clients. These northerly seed sources will help drive the assisted tree migration program for the cottage country.

To make things easier, we have CAPITALIZED the more northerly seed sources that can be found in our Ontario native plant inventory. Simply look at the origins section of the inventory for the Capitalized city near you. If you need any help, we are an email away.


Last year we launched our Sustainable Food line. This year we have added to our humble beginnings. Also, we have now started to create articles on the food products that we are offering. An exciting choice is Haskaps. To view the article simply follow the link to the Haskap article.

Haskap Berries on Bush
Haskap Berries on Bush
Haskap Berries
Haskap Berries

Wishlist 2021

January is the month where avid gardeners open up seed catalogues and start placing seed and plant orders. We are off to a fast start here at Bee Sweet Nature Co. Many inquiries, many Wishlist requests.

To explain the procedure. Usually by mid-March, depending upon weather, we start conducting winter damage assessments on all plant stocks that were tucked away for the winter. By mid to late April we start notifying Wishlist Spring customers on the status of their orders. The Wishlist is a first come first serve listing where patience does pay off. I imagine Covid procedures will still be in place but we will guide you through the process.

Don’t forget that all our stock originated from hand picked Ontario sourced seeds and all stock is organic and non GMO. We offer no hybrids or nativars, only truly native plants for your garden. On a different note, we do have a small sustainable agriculture stock listing that offers interesting food choices. Also, stay tuned to the online plant inventory since we will be offering more native wildflowers choices.

Don’t forget to get your Wishlist 2021 Spring orders in soon to avoid disappointment.

Christmas Musings

It’s been a wild roller coaster ride this year. But look – here we are – looking forward to Christmas and the start of a new year.

Covid has acted like a giant lens shining light on all our trials and tribulations. But it has also given us great moments of unexpected human kindness and generosity. In this Christmas season let’s make sure the lens shows more of Christmas joy, love and generosity.

Love one another and stay safe.


The Robertsons

Bee Sweet Nature co.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

We have added 100% Canadian beeswax candles to our marketplace. To celebrate the launching of these new products, we have decided to offer some fun Black Friday specials.

Illuminations – Taper

Mix and match any 2 pairs of taper candles, any color.

Illuminations – Pillar

Mix and match any 2 pairs of pillar candles, any color.


Any 2 handmade soaps and 1 pair of tapered candles, any color.

Endulge Christmas Package


Any 3 handmade soaps and 4 beeswax lip balms, any variety.

Be sure to visit our marketplace for pricing and charges.

Butterfly Festival

The wildflowers and larval plants are looking good for our upcoming butterfly festival.  We have set the date for August 8, with a plant sale from August 1-9.  If you wish to preorder and pickup on a requested date, that is fine.  Some plants to look forward to are sullivants milkweed, swamp milkweed, showy milkweed, hoary vervain, tall sunflower, wild lupin, big bluestem grass, common hoptree and spicebush.

Learn more about the event here.