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We have just posted the next article about plastics on our website. Please follow this link. This delves into how to slowly become less dependent on plastic and how to eliminate it from your everyday lifestyle.

Assortment of plastic bottles

So far it has been quite painless for us though we have a long way to go in both our personal lifestyles and that of our business to be near zero plastic free. It is achievable one small plastic free footstep at a time.

I wanted to share everything we researched on plastic pollution. In order for us to launch our near zero plastic initiative for Bee Sweet Nature we had to do our homework. Part 1 describes the magnitude of the issue and upcoming Part 2 will lead to ways to decrease our plastic dependency. Follow the link to the article.

Recycled Plant Pots
Recycled Plant Pots

Many of our customers ask us about the funky pots at our nursery. To some people they look unprofessional and helter skelter but to us they are our badge of honor. We ask clients to bring back all pots and containers so that they can be reused, again and again, until they fall apart. Only at this time do we take them away to be recycled. Just one way our nursery walks a little softer on the Earth and implements low impact practices.

Used Plant Pots Sitting on ground