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The Bee Sweet Nature Difference

We hand collect and grow all our Ontario Native plants, strictly from seeds we collect. Our passion is to increase the biodiversity of the southern Ontario landscape by offering local, native stock. We are also beekeepers and sell both liquid and creamed fresh Ontario Honey. Furthermore, we sell a variety of handcrafted soap, lip balm, and related personal care products.

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Recent Naturally Speaking Blog Posts

  • Haskaps
    Last year we launched our Sustainable Food line. This year we have added to our humble beginnings. Also, we have now started to create articles on the food products that we are offering. An exciting choice is Haskaps. To view the article simply follow the link to the Haskap article.
  • The Slippery Elm
    The winter is the only time I can finally spend some time on the website and start blogging and articling. Just follow the link for the new article on the Slippery Elm. We have many of these beautiful trees so just check our online inventory. Happy reading
  • Wishlist 2021
    January is the month where avid gardeners open up seed catalogues and start placing seed and plant orders. We are off to a fast start here at Bee Sweet Nature Co. Many inquiries, many Wishlist requests. To explain the procedure. Usually by mid-March, depending upon weather, we start conducting winter damage assessments on all plant Read More
  • Christmas Musings
    It’s been a wild roller coaster ride this year. But look – here we are – looking forward to Christmas and the start of a new year. Covid has acted like a giant lens shining light on all our trials and tribulations. But it has also given us great moments of unexpected human kindness and Read More
  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
    We have added 100% Canadian beeswax candles to our marketplace. To celebrate the launching of these new products, we have decided to offer some fun Black Friday specials. Illuminations – Taper Mix and match any 2 pairs of taper candles, any color. Illuminations – Pillar Mix and match any 2 pairs of pillar candles, any Read More
  • Butterfly Festival
    The wildflowers and larval plants are looking good for our upcoming butterfly festival.  We have set the date for August 8, with a plant sale from August 1-9.  If you wish to preorder and pickup on a requested date, that is fine.  Some plants to look forward to are sullivants milkweed, swamp milkweed, showy milkweed, Read More