The Bee Sweet Nature Difference

We hand collect and grow all our Ontario Native plants, strictly from seeds we collect. Whether you are looking for Ontario Native Trees, Shrubs, Grasses, or Wild Flowers, our passion is to increase the biodiversity of the southern Ontario landscape by offering local, native stock. We are also beekeepers and sell both liquid and creamed fresh Ontario Honey. Furthermore, we sell a variety of homemade soap, lip balm, and related personal care products.

We hand-collect and grow Ontario native seeds, from nature.

We don't stake our trees allowing for natural growth.

We are backed by research and science.

We treat every tree to reduce transplant shock and permanently improve both water and nutrient uptake.

Customer Comments

Thank you for the delicious honey. It goes in my weekly baking of Blueberry bran muffins and you end up using a little less than white sugar because honey is sweeter than plain sugar. I also goes in the whole wheat bran bread my husband had been baking from scratch for over 25 years. You took great care of the shrubs overwinter. The meadowsweet is lush and the shrubs I purchased will have a good home here. Thanks again. See you when the button bush shrubs are out and ready to pick up.

Susan MacMillan #

I have just launched a new article to the website about mail order pawpaw. I investigate the rationale behind mail ordering our rarest tree in Canada. If you want to read the full article follow the link

An approach to a new normal? We are not at the point where customers can roam through our daily work space and greenhouse. However, we have the next best thing. We brought our work space to you on these rolling racks. Of course, our full inventory is online on our…

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Milkweeds are definitely under rated plants and, unfortunately, only associated with Monarch butterflies. This is a good starting point but not the full story of milkweeds. Even the name is interesting. The Genus name honors the Greek god, Asklepios, the god of medicine. There are 100 species throughout the world…

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With milder temperatures, the trees are starting to show signs of breaking dormancy. Now the daunting task of unloading the greenhouse and organizing the tree yard. We will be conducting our winter damage assessments over the next weeks and then start contacting our customers on our Wish list.

The Ancient Black Tupelos Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. Such was the case of the ancient Black Tupelos aged 400 – 500 years old. We purposely waited till the Fall so that we could see their brightly colored leaves on the forest floor. A great harvest…

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I wanted to share everything we researched on plastic pollution. In order for us to launch our near zero plastic initiative for Bee Sweet Nature we had to do our homework. Part 1 describes the magnitude of the issue and upcoming Part 2 will lead to ways to decrease our…

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People have been inquiring to the meaning of our wish list. Isn’t it just an order form? My answer is yes and no. Prior to opening our nursery here, at Bee Sweet Nature Co, I would place my plant orders, well in advance, with growers and get disappointed every year…

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Our greatest pride, for our nursery, is being totally organic. No use of pesticides. Sometimes this is not the easiest course of action but it certainly feels like the most correct one. I just need to look at all our honeybees and native bees for encouragement. It is not about…

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Our last posting talked about not using synthetic fertilizer. Actually, we allow the plants to fertilize themselves through fungal soil inoculation. Making no sense? The fungi live symbiotically with the plant roots and access Nitrogen from the surrounding soil in exchange for some plant carbs. This process creates plants more…

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