Wishlist 2021

January is the month where avid gardeners open up seed catalogues and start placing seed and plant orders. We are off to a fast start here at Bee Sweet Nature Co. Many inquiries, many Wishlist requests.

To explain the procedure. Usually by mid-March, depending upon weather, we start conducting winter damage assessments on all plant stocks that were tucked away for the winter. By mid to late April we start notifying Wishlist Spring customers on the status of their orders. The Wishlist is a first come first serve listing where patience does pay off. I imagine Covid procedures will still be in place but we will guide you through the process.

Don’t forget that all our stock originated from hand picked Ontario sourced seeds and all stock is organic and non GMO. We offer no hybrids or nativars, only truly native plants for your garden. On a different note, we do have a small sustainable agriculture stock listing that offers interesting food choices. Also, stay tuned to the online plant inventory since we will be offering more native wildflowers choices.

Don’t forget to get your Wishlist 2021 Spring orders in soon to avoid disappointment.