April 13/20 Opening Date

Amid all this social anxiety, it’s nice and necessary to focus on positive events. For gardeners, spring signals a new, exciting season of planting vegetables and gardens.

We are tentatively throwing open the Bee Sweet Nature doors on April 13. We are slowly getting the nursery ready for visitors. Being a farm, we can still implement social distancing 1 client at a time. Wow – when was the last time you got one on one attentive sales help?

Of course, we will be monitoring the Corona virus situation, carefully, and will keep you posted of any changes of plan.

Happy Spring and stay safe.

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Marion Robertson


<p>Marion has always had a love for native plants. When she realized native Ontario plants were starting to go extinct, she started collecting their seeds and growing new trees in their family tree nursery, in essence, saving the plant species.</p>