People are asking what the logo we are sporting on our website is about. The ‘In the Zone’ program is a joint venture between Carolinian Canada and World Wildlife Fund to connect citizens and gardeners to healthy landscapes, trails and gardens. The ‘In the Zone’ program wants to celebrate our native plants and wildlife. When you join this program you can receive free gardening resources.

As a native plant nursery participating in the program, we are assuring you that all plants sold by us are native and Ontario sourced. When you see these tags or stickers, then you can be confident that your purchases support and sustain our native Ontario landscape and wildlife.

Hoping to see you IN THE ZONE

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Marion Robertson

<p>Marion has always had a love for native plants. When she realized native Ontario plants were starting to go extinct, she started collecting their seeds and growing new trees in their family tree nursery, in essence, saving the plant species.</p>